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Go Boundless Expeditions Pvt Ltd

Drive With Us

Go White Spiti
  07 Nights/08 Days
10th Feb to 17th Feb 2024 / 23rd Mar- 30th Mar 2024
Go Rann Of Kutch
  6 Nights/ 7 Days
  24th Feb to 01st Mar 2024
Go South Africa
    10day and 11 Night
   22nd May to 01st Jun 2024
Go Spiti
  10 Nights/11 Days
  08th June – 18th June 2024
Go Ladakh
  12 Nights / 13 Days
  08th-19th June 2024
Go Zanskar
10 Night/11 Days
21st – 30th Jun 2024
Go Pangi valley
 07 Nights / 08 Days
  25th Sept – 02ND Oct 2024
Go Ladakh
  12 Nights / 13 Days
  08th-19th June 2024
Go Zanskar
10 Night/11 Days
21st – 30st Jun 2024

Customize Your Travel

Many times, we have experienced that our group dates doesn’t match with your travel dates and you end up giving up on joining in on our expeditions.In such a scenario, just give us a call and we will customise your trip so that you still get that Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd experience.  If you are worried about road assistance and safety one of the Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd Team member will accompany you as well.

You can plan a corporate meet, team building exercises, treasure hunt, school reunions, family get together or anything you wish.
The best part about customisation is you can design your trip according to your budget and style.

We will create something special that is “Curated exclusively for you”

We mindfully listen to your objective & expectations and put a real thought as a true specialist to create a lifetime experience for you.
You just need to connect with us…. Rest everything will be taken care of…. Call us and let us give you the best itinerary.

The Real Journeys Begin When You Go Boundless.

Creating paths beyond charted routes, beyond expectations and imaginations; every travel experience at Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd is curated for the souls who seek adventure. We believe that the thrill is meant to be experienced by everyone in the family, be it a 6-year-old or a 60! That’s the reason we are boundless, beyond age, beyond clichés!

Go Boundless… The Beginning

Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd was launched by Vaneeta Kang in 2014 when there was hardly any concept of Self-Drive Expeditions. After Finishing top notch rallies of India including Raid the Himalaya, she realised that adventure is so much limited to Men only. There was scarcely a concept to take your family and kids on Adventure Trips.  During her rally days they were one of the only Girls Team among 30 male teams and that’s how the thought popped up.

The thought was “Why can’t you go on Adventure with your family, friends, parents, kids without getting worried about your vehicle and medical safety”.

That’s how “Go Boundless Expedition Pvt Ltd” was born. After quitting her high-profile corporate job, she started curating all best possible itineraries for Adventure seekers.

India is thousand times beautiful than any other country, but the lack of infrastructure makes it bit tough to explore, especially for families and luxury travellers.

We researched routes, accommodations, on-road food joints, fuel stations, scenic views and started this journey.

In 2015, we launched our first Signature event to Ladakh and we got 18 cars enrolled with 55 people. Gosh it was a task to handle such a big convoy including kids and travelling to high altitude making it all the more tough.

The launch trip was extremely successful thanks to the expertise provided by Vaneeta and the team. That trip also made us realise that if you want to give a personalised attention to your customers, you need to have a smaller group. That’s when we decided to keep our convoy’s short and crisp to 10-12 cars. That’s the USP of Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd. We take smaller groups and ensure that everyone has more Fun.

What Makes Go Boundless Different?

Passion, I Guess.
It wasn’t easy for me to quit my corporate job and become a Nomad.
Thankfully my corporate and event management background really helped me to plan my trips to the perfection.
Recces are must do before ant trip, we do not launch any trip without a recce and we do not pick up any random property where we stay, they are tried and tested.

Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd is a not a travel agent but a buddy who is there to guide you at every step of the trip so you leave all the mundane planning on us like lodging, mapping etc. and just concentrate on evoking your travel spirit.

We are obsessed with cleanliness and understand the need for clean and hygienic accommodations while travelling. We have identified absolutely amazing and clean offbeat and non-commercial properties just for you!

Whether it’s a group of 2 people or 50, we will always be in this journey together so that your experience is never compromised. “Our Philosophy” is to treat the guest as you would want to treat your loved one.

Your Safety is our utmost priority. Our expeditions extend to unexplored villages which tend to be in remote locations We always travel with a well-trained team of safety officials who are available for help 24X7. We have medical support including a well-equipped backup vehicle. I am also a certified first aid trainer and carry all the necessary medications. You don’t have to worry about your flat tyres, break-downs and anything you think you need during the trip.

Many travel companies tried to copy out itineraries but it’s the experience after all which makes us different

Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd Team

I lead every drive. However, I am backed by a dedicated team ensuring that your experience is extremely smooth and memorable. I drive in the front to guide you with all cautions whether there is a black ice on road or any sharp inclines or any incoming traffic on blind curves. You just drive and enjoy your trip.

Go Boundless Expediton Pvt Ltd with Trust

Over hundreds of individuals, companies and groups have gone boundless with us across India! It’s because we provide you all the information to help you prepare for your trip including detailed itinerary, things to carry, FAQ’s, health notes, travel tips, high altitude notes, and travel insurance.

What Our Clients Says

riya bothra
riya bothra
October 13, 2021.
Did a trip to spiti with go boundless this year and had a wonderful experience. They accommodation was superb. The entire trip was extremely well planned and organised. Got to explore some of the unexplored places of spiti that wouldn’t have been able to explore without go boundless. The experience of travelling in a group of like minded people is what made the trip memorable. Vaneeta Kang, the founder of Go Boundless is full of life and enthusiastic, makes sure you’re having a wonderful time! Looking forward to travel with them very soon
disha jindal
disha jindal
October 9, 2021.
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
September 14, 2021.
Gaurav Bakshi
Gaurav Bakshi
July 23, 2021.
Adventurous trips are always bold and inspiring undertaken by only daring explorers of this universe especially when they are organised by a lady named Vinita Kang an owner of Go Boundless Adventure Company. She herself being a most experienced adventurer, a bold and lady of guts who led the male dominated members of her adventure group assisted with team of expert assistants commanding terrific respect from all of them. Last time too I was a part of her adventure group which I enjoyed most. This time again I was one of the members of her adventure group the itinerary of which was chalked out by her with meticulous details making all the necessary arrangements in the hotels and all other sites to be visited by the group and we all enjoyed her managements very much as they were well planned. She took us to unexplored sites camping us at the site of rivulets flowing in the midst snow clad mountains of Ladakh where we got an opportunity to enjoy the most mesmerising and sublime beauty of nature in its varied forms and that was indeed a most mystifying experience. She also took us to sand dunes where we treaded long distance with unique and thrilling experience. This time again her adventure tour was very well organised, took us to most captivating sites we all enjoyed that with most exuberant experience and that cannot be described in words. Her well planned adventures took us to unexplored and most inspiring sites which provided us deep insight of most beautiful and viberant nature which were never experienced before. She herself being experienced adventurer, trained us how to handle our vehicles in difficult terrain with skill and dexterity also trained us how to picturise and capture the beautiful views and spots of nature with its mystifying and mesmerising effects in our cameras. This time my Mahindra Jeep got broke down in between and I was struck up finding it it very difficult to move further, she came to my rescue and pulled my jeep to a nearby workshop and asked me not to worry about and my vehicle was repaired very soon and all that timely help enabled me to move to our next unexplored sites. Her timely support and encouragement made me bold enough and I could complete my adventure tour with full confidence and without any fear but I shall never forget her magnanimity shown to me in my difficult hours. Her Go Boundless adventure company enjoy vast experience in the field adventure expeditions and must book yourself with them if ever you want to venture into some kind of adventure and assure you that would become a most thrilling and memorable moments of your life. I from my side wish Go Boundless Adventure Company more success and popularity so that it becomes one of the most recognised adventure expedition group well known in the world. Regards, Bakshi Gaurav Harnal
Neeraj Mathur
Neeraj Mathur
July 18, 2021.
Hi Vaneeta & Guri ( including Kapil) for a memorable trip to Spiti valley from 14-22nd June’2021. I have been traveling in Himalayas for past 35 years and for the first time decided to travel in a group & happy that it was the right decision. Vaneeta, You are a super woman with exceptional capabilities. You are out to prove a point for which you are dedicated, committed and above all Passionate to make things happen differently. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently and you are spot on. You are kind and considerate at heart but very Diciplined & set high expectations from others. You lead by example and have unique ability to influence and understand indivisual needs. I am not surprised why you are respected by all and at the same time envy by many. It is a true reflection of a successful Leader and keep it going. It was pleasure to be part of this wonderful team with diverse cultures, unique abilities and yet felt like a family. I will cherish the sweet memories for a long long time & look forward to be part of many more such expiditions in future as well. Please stay Vibrant, Safe & Healthy and all the best to you and Guri in your future endeavours. Regards
Vaneeta Kang
Vaneeta Kang
July 18, 2021.
Its my passion and i always aim to get 5 star rating 😊
nimit gupta
nimit gupta
July 17, 2021.
Pranaav Agarwala
Pranaav Agarwala
July 16, 2021.
Yashraj Agarwala
Yashraj Agarwala
June 22, 2021.
Anjali Sachdeva
Anjali Sachdeva
April 29, 2021.

Why Go Boundless?

  • Planning the route and itinerary to include the “must see” sights
  • Coordination of the convoy
  • Local guidance and support from experts
  • The best boarding and lodging available en‐route
  • Medical supplies
  • Service support
  • Liaison with the local authorities for inner line permits
  • Liaison with locals for making all safety arrangements.

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