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Go Boundless is the brainchild of travel-expert Vaneeta Kang who is known for her spirit and mastery in organizing self-drive trips to the difficult terrains of India including Leh-Ladakh, Spiti valley, Desert Safari etc. Go Boundless has organized successful group tours to Leh-Ladakh, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan & other parts in Himalayan region living up to the expectations of family travellers and adventure-enthusiasts alike. Go Boundless offers all-inclusive group packages & services which include boarding, lodging, food and trip itinerary. The safety, security & enjoyment of travellers are the unique offerings of Go Boundless travel planning. Learn More
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Leh Ladakh road trip packages


7th July To 16th July

Are you planning to go on a vacation but don’t know where to go and with whom. We suggest you travel to Ladakh this summer with your girl friends. Take a girls only trip to Ladakh...

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Ladakh All Boys Trip

11th July - 19th July

Happiness is a journey and not a destination. Nothing stands true to this statement like a road trip. Go, grab that friend, start your engine, and make memories.

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Are you ready for a Once-in-a-lifetime Trek?

7th July To 16th July

We’re sure that all of you would be excited about our upcoming Goa drive. We are also equally excited

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  • Ladakh tour planLadakh itinerary